Meet the Society’s Infected Blood Inquiry Team

The Society has put together a strong team to represent it at the long awaited Public Inquiry into the Infected Blood Scandal.

The Society has appointed Malcomson Law as their legal advisors.  Malcomson Law has unrivalled experience in bleeding disorders litigation having represented people with bleeding disorders at other public inquiries and compensation tribunal scheme applications.  They have represented the interests of people with bleeding disorders at government level in several countries.

Appointing Malcomson Law means The Society has access to unrivalled and experience as its legal representatives have already conducted two public inquiries into the contamination of blood and blood products successfully in other countries.

Leading the team from Malcomson Law is Raymond Bradley, the managing partner, who has more than 20 years’ experience in public inquiries, compensation schemes and civil litigation in the health law area.  He has represented the Irish Haemophilia Society since 1995 in their various quests for justice.  Internationally he has advised Japanese lawyers on blood and blood product contamination, worked with the New Zealand Haemophilia Society in achieving its access to compensation and, following the Krever Inquiry in Canada, worked in relation to the criminal prosecution by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Also, he has worked with legal teams that have secured millions in compensation to individual victims of contaminated blood and blood products.

Click here to hear Raymond Bradley give his views on what we can expect at the Inquiry.

The Society’s internal Inquiry Team is led by Debra Morgan who will co-ordinate the work across our legal advisors, policy and research and communications. Debra is highly experienced in patient advocacy in rare diseases, including haemophilia, supporting the delivery of safe and effective care.

Supporting the Society in communications is Jo Tanner, a Co-Founder and Director of iNHouse Communications, an independent communications consultancy based in Westminster. Jo has been an advisor to both Conservative and Labour politicians and is featured in the PR Weekly Power Book of the most influential communications professionals.

The Society’s head of policy and programmes, Jeff Courtney will also be supporting the Society’s Inquiry Team while continuing his work on access to treatments, awareness and diagnosis, disability and work.

A special sub-group of the Society’s Trustees has been appointed to work on the inquiry and are reporting back regularly to the full Board.

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